Why invest in a KonMari consultancy?

Save Money
Make better decisions when acquiring a product based on the personal joy-line.

Spare Time
Having a conscious Order, where every object has a defined place, brings a light way to keep your space in order.

Live Calmer
A decluttered life and space brings positivity to the mind with a much more serene environment.

Live Happier
By making decisions based on your joy-line, you enrich your life to find greater happiness.

Better Relationships
By uncovering clarity and serenity within our spaces, our relationships are stimulated anew.

Better Decisions
By redefining our relationship with decisions based on our joy-line, we empower a better version of ourselves.

How much do I need to invest?

The first hour doesn’t have cost!
I like to meet you and empathize with your needs, in order to have a solid base and create an action plan tailored to your needs. Thats why I offer you the first hour consultancy without cost.
Payment for sessions concept
280€ for one session of 4 hours
210€ for one session of 3 hours
75€ for every extra hour

Package payment concept
3-Session of 4 hours each 750 €
5-Session of 4 hours each for 1250€
The costs for "Order in the working space" are settled per project, request a cost estimate.


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