What is the KonMari Method ™?

It is a tidying, one-by-one method created by Marie Kondo where the main aim is a restructuring of our personal relationship and experience with our belongings.

1. We create a clear objective of the ideal lifestyle that a person wants to reach, based on what the joy-line of the person is.

2. We tidy in 5 categories and in this order:
   A. Clothing
   B. Books
   C. Papers
   D. Komono (Everything that is not clothing, books, papers or sentimental objects)
   E. Sentimental objects

3. We keep the objects that bring us a sense of joy and we thankfully say goodbye to the objects we decide not to keep.

4. We honor the objects that stay in our daily life.

5. We reach our ideal lifestyle by refining our way of making decisions, we exercise our "decisionmaking process" daily with our belongings.


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