Testimonials before and after:

Catalina Paz / Singer
Order in all categories of KonMari method, April-July 2019.

"For me, the experience of the KonMari MethodTM with Elisa was not only a learning of letting go of material goods, but also a deep personal development in which I approached my ideal life.
Every decision in my life (every purchase, every job I do, every person I know ...) brings me more joy now and I can say that I'm a happy person. The beginning was not easy, but it's worth it. Elisa's intuition and senses are incredible. She is very emphatic and listens to you, but she knows exactly what threads she has to pull so that one works efficiently. She has incredible creativity to create beautiful spaces with the resources the client has at disposal. Several times we shared the moments "How beautiful it looks now". I am very grateful to Elisa for the efficient work!"

Catalina Paz



Natalia Hurst/ Singer and Teacher
Order in Warderobe, Spring 2019.

"Finally, after several attempts to put my things in order, I managed to get Elisa into my wardrobe and my room. As a migrant you have the impression that you should keep things, "just in case" and the most beautiful clothes for "the opportunity" in the closet, even if these cases never occur. Now everything is finally organized and has its place, so that enjoyment and functionality come together in everyday life. The effect is wonderful and you can get the order!!!! I would like to award an "extra star" for our cooperation. We took the task in hand after I experienced a difficult separation and felt the need to fundamentally redesign my home. It was a great help for me, not only functional but also human, to integrate the principles of the method into my life. Of course, learning to do this takes a lot of time, but it's worthwhile and fun. I am very grateful to Elisa for that!"

Natalia Hurst



Dieter Brasch, Fotograf
Fotostudio Ausräumen und Ordnen, Sommer 2019

"In the course of life, more and more things accumulate, which then, like one Backpack that gets more and more full, people carries around with it. Alone it is very difficult to get away from it. Elisa accompanies you by ordering and letting go of objects, with good tips and advice, supported by the method (KonMari) she offers. The initial doubt of whether a positive feeling is going to come, at the end disappears with every step that was made by tidying up. It is a liberating feeling. Thanks.

Dieter Brasch

Stefan Liewehr, photographer in Vienna
Photo Studio Cleaning up and Arranging, Summer 2019:

"As a photographer, you photograph thousands of motifs in four decades and that's why you often need props. So, in the course of many years, a whole arsenal of utensils accumulates. The shelves built for it are becoming fuller and more confusing. In order to bring "light into the dark" Elisa helped to solve the problem in an outstanding way. Consistently we cleared shelf by shelf and put the "treasures" on a large scale Elisa separated the wheat from the chaff. Without their professional help I would not have been able to decide between holding and discarding so quickly. Of course, it is often difficult to separate oneself from one of his favorite pieces, but after the deed has been accomplished, relief arises. Elisa then populated the shelves in a perfect and clear way, so that one, in the future, at a glance has what you are looking for. I think Elisa's methodology is ideal and I am very grateful to her. If someone decides to "get it right" then contact Elisa."

Stefan Liewehr



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