Order in Working places.
Inspired by the KonMari Method ™

Get to know the photo studio of Dieter Brasch and his colleague Stefan Liewehr.

In March 2018, the two photographers, Brasch and Liewehr, decided to join a studio community in Liewehr’s original photo studio. After several attempts, which were accompanied by great loss of time and conflicts, to create their own order, both decided, 2019, the responsibility to systematically create order, to pass on to me, as a KonMari coach.

The result was very convincing and was received with a lot of enthusiasm.


Elisa Quintero
1060 Wien, Hofmühlgasse 7, Austria.
Tel: +43 680 2404537
E-Mail: elisa@diequintessenz.at

©Dieter Brasch
Graphic design:
©Miguel Montelongo