From a promising opera singer to KonMari™ Consultant
Born in Mexico City, I studied Dramatic Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico with the intention of becoming a dramaturgist. At the same time I enrolled in the National Conservatory of Mexico, where I earned my Bachelor Degree in Classical Solo Singing.

In Mexico I won a prestigious scholarship for outstanding young talented singers, and there I got the opportunity to work with international staff. Later, in 2010, I moved to Vienna, where I got accepted to a Master program in Solo Singing at the Conservatory of Vienna. I always sought to study with high-level professionals due to my insatiable passion for high-quality singing. Thus I have taken master classes with singing legends such as Montserrat Caballé, KS Edda Moser and KS Grace Bumbry. I graduated with high distinction in 2013.

The KonMari Consultant choice
In 2014 my son was born in Vienna and my priorities changed; I just wanted to take care of him and have a much more relaxed life. I was still doing some singing from time to time but I knew that something was not compatible anymore with my ideal lifestyle. After a very stressful time trying to find balance between motherhood, career and marriage, the breaking point came in summer 2018 when I was working as a singer at the Salzburg Festival: during the two months I was in Salzburg I got just four days to be with my son. I knew then that my life needed a change.

I have always cleaned and reordered the spaces where I have lived in order to find clarity when I am questioning things in my life. Later that summer of 2018 I discovered the Marie Kondo books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy; then I got to practice the whole Method and I just loved it… It was the only thing that helped me realize that my ideal life was not being a classical singer anymore. This whole time I was pursuing a truthful, simple, serene self and tidying my home was a very powerful tool in order to discover it. 

So, I choose Vienna as my home, where I live with my son and my partner Dieter in my tidy home.
Nowadays I am the first certified KonMariTM Consultant in Vienna.


Elisa Quintero
1060 Wien, Hofmühlgasse 7, Austria.
Tel: +43 680 2404537
E-Mail: elisa@diequintessenz.at

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