What is the KonMari

It is a tidying, one-by-one method created by Marie Kondo where the main aim is a restructuring of our personal relationship and experience with our belongings.

Why invest in a KonMari


My passion for Music brought me to Vienna in 2010, where I attended my Masters in Solo singing and graduated with high distinction in 2013.

My concern and my tendency to search for the order to achieve clarity and objectives led me to discover the KonMari Method in 2018, since then the idea of being an Order consultant fascinated me. In 2019 my project has materialized I am the first certified KonMari Consultant in Vienna and I have started my consulting project: Quintessenz.

Behind the desire to reach Order in our spaces there is much more; to accompany my clients in that discovery, it has become my journey.

Order in Working places.
Inspired by the KonMari Method ™

In May 2019, I started the project to create order in the workspaces, inspired and based on the KonMari method.

Working in orderly places bring us great efficiency and, above all, quiality of life at work.

My offer is methodically sort the relevant work utensils, documents, desks, etc. that are actually needed at the workplace and then to find storage solutions in an aesthetic and practical way.

See for yourself in my gallery, results and reviews.

If you are interested in creating order in your work area, do not hesitate to contact me.

Testimonials before and after


The Quintessenz project continues to grow and gain presence.



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